DTC P2583-54 - Millimeter wave radar aiming incomplete

DTC P2583-54 – Millimeter Wave Radar Aiming Incomplete


If the millimeter wave radar assembly was replaced or aiming was not successfully completed, DTC P2583-54 will be stored and cannot be erased. Symptoms include ACC, LKAS, CMBS, and RDM indicators on your instrument panel flashing green and amber colors (Figure 1). Adaptive Cruise Control malfunction message appears. DTC P2583-54 is applicable on all Honda and Acura vehicles equipped with adaptive cruise control.


DTC P2583-54 indicator lamp malfunction
Figure 1. The instrument panel with malfunctioning indicator lamps.

There are two ways to check if your vehicle has adaptive cruise control. First, start the vehicle and check if the instrument panel has an ACC indicator. Make sure to activate cruise control by pressing the Main or Cruise button on the steering wheel if equipped. Second, look behind the emblem, behind removable panels, or in the lower grille for a sensor (Figure 2).  Locations of the adaptive cruise control vary between models.

DTC P2583-54
Figure 2 – Millimeter wave radar located under the emblem behind a cover (2017 Honda CR-V)

The solution to fix DTC P2583-54 is to aim the millimeter wave radar.  The calibration procedure requires the use of specialized equipment and OE-level diagnostic software.  The vehicle needs a sizeable level floor space around the front of the vehicle to properly calibrate these sensors (Figure 3).


DTC P2583-54 calibration setup
Figure 3 – Space needed for millimeter wave radar aiming.

After successfully completing the ADAS calibration procedure, the ACC and LKAS indicators will be solid green (Figure 4).  A solid green indicator does not mean the system is functioning as intended when activated. The indicator only shows that the system has not detected any major malfunctions. Honda and Acura recommend calibrating the millimeter wave radar whenever the sensor has been removed/installed or replaced, the vehicle had front collision damage near the sensor, structural damage, and/or airbags have deployed.


DTC P2583-54
DTC P2583-54 indicator lamp working normalFigure 4 – ACC and LKAS indicators will be solid green color after successful ADAS calibration.

If you’re experiencing these symptoms or suspect the millimeter wave radar is not working properly, our team of ADAS calibration experts will make sure your vehicle’s ADAS systems are operating as intended.  Give us a call at 657-230-9480 to schedule your appointment today.